Brand Protection

Brand Protection Policy:-

Brand protection services help customers safeguard their intellectual property and trade secrets and minimize risk from unauthorized subcontracting.

Over the past few decades, brands have increasingly sought strengthened value through offshoring and outsourcing manufacturing or assembly to businesses around the world.

These upstream supply chain partners represent a globalization of brand identity and value to tap into new markets and expand business opportunities. However, globalization has also created unease for many brands. Many are asking how can we be sure our Intellectual Property (IP) and trade secrets are not compromised by our supply chain partners?

Brand Protection services also follwed by the "". The product which shows in our online portal "" that are actual product images. We shows or put that products only which are we have to right sell in right manner. This section shows or produce the rules for seller & buyer agreement in actual product to deliverd the actual product. Once Developer put the product on website "" he followed the guide line Brand protection, he put the actual product images in "" to use for buyer or user. User also have to follwed the rules of "Online Order" rules. Once user visit the "" website he must read the Privacy policy, Terms & condition etc. & More... If feel any error or difficulties then he mail to owener of website "" with using the e-Mail ID User wiait for 7 Working Days for responce if the Developer not reply your answer you will gain send the email "" Or Get touch in Contact Section Area. If Again condition not follwed by the ddeveloper then he have the right to go other ways, but atlead wait for total 20 working days for your enquiry.

Our key services related to brand protection are:

  1. Brand protection risk assessment
  2. Mystery shopper
  3. Unauthorized subcontracting investigations
  4. Destruction verification

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